TiSO PH Distributor


i3 is very proud to announce a new partnership for all our turnstile requirements.

i3 is now the Philippine distributor of TiSO APAC!

Conformité Européene (CE) and ISO certified, TiSO APAC specializes in entry control solutions, manufacturing carefully-researched turnstiles, pedestrian barriers, emergency doors, anti-ramming devices, and more.

Their continuous success and innovation has placed their products in the world frontier, gaining recognition internationally. Aside from their numerous installations around Europe and now Asia, TiSO has also proudly provided comprehensive security turnstiles and access control solutions for no less than Nuclear Powerplants (NPP) since 2002.

With their unique and rich experience in such highly stringent environments, they are definitely professionally positioned to provide customized and incomparable security solutions to the world.

High quality products + excellent support service = The Smart Choice