Mission and Vision


  • To maintain competitiveness and leadership as a frontrunner in systems integration in the Philippines
  • To continuously provide the latest technology and solutions through sustained research and development as well as enduring partnerships with the choicest suppliers
  • To cultivate a high standard in business ethics and total quality management for a strong corporate identity


The keystone of our value system as a corporation is long-term focus in all our endeavors.

i3’s primary objective is to deliver solutions that are of the highest quality in surveillance, security and protection. i3 aims to provide its clients with top-of-the-line security facilities that effectively support and maintain physical protection in terms of safety and security as well as a reliable network infrastructure for offices, facilities, and/or building premises.

At the end of the day however, i3 believes that products alone do not achieve results. In the long run, people deliver results, and it takes a good combination of knowledge, skill, experience and passion to achieve the best kind. i3 believes in building a stable foundation rooted in its employees, in investing in intelligent and competent manpower to ensure the delivery of effective and long-lasting solutions.