About i3

i3 is a systems integrator with over 10 years of experience in comprehensive integration. Throughout the years, i3 has developed its expertise in security, auxiliary and connectivity solutions—ensuring that it continues to exceed the market’s demands, ready for every requirement clients may have.

Honored by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board with Classification A and in the process of being ISO-certified, one of the strengths that sets i3 apart from the competition is its thoroughness. With i3, providing end-to-end solutions is no longer just a buzzword seeking to attract potential customers. End-to-end is a promise: it’s an enduring commitment to be with the client every step of the way, even after the job is complete.

From consultancy to post-installation and post-implementation, i3 has a dedicated team 200-strong, all skilled and trained to respond to clients’ every need. We don’t just have two or three employees waiting in the wings 24/7, we have a full team of sales personnel, design and implementation engineers, project managers and over a hundred installers present nationwide at any given time.

Another advantage of i3 is its Safety Department, dedicated to ensure that safety standards in every working environment and project are all met.

Combine these with i3’s fully-stocked warehouse with all essential products, not only does the client not need to wait for manpower to be sub-contracted, but the client also does not need to wait days or weeks for product replacement and repair. i3’s Services and Support team is ready to be deployed with all the necessary tools anytime.

The depth and breadth of i3’s performance and proficiency across its high-profile portfolio produces intelligent solutions for the complex business problems of its clients. This is what sets i3 apart from the competition.