Systems Design

System Design

i3 approaches system design with rigor and discipline, no matter how big or small the systems may be. We begin by taking into account what the system for the situation may be, so that we can properly assess the environment and the system’s end-goal in relation to its environment. We then look at the feedback loop by which the system corrects its actions and then the ways in which the system can measure whether it has achieved its goal. We also look at who defines the system, environment and goal, and who’s responsible for monitoring it, in conjunction with the system’s resources so that we can assure its sufficiency. By understanding the end-users’ goals, i3′s design engineers are able to make sure that the system is not only compatible but user-centered as well.

Using all the tools necessary, i3′s engineers will define and develop systems that will meet your purposes, no matter how complex they may be.