Public Address System

Paging Address System

Public Address Systems use microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers to amplify and distribute sound. This is commonly used to address a larger audience, for announcements and reminders, for example. These days, Public Address Systems are also used to play music.

i3 is proud to partner with Bosch Security Systems for its Paging Address and Background Music Solutions. Together with Bosch’s years of experience in the public address and emergency sound field, i3 can tailor fit a Public Address system that suits your needs and your style. Simply let us know what you’d like to use your system for, where it’s being used, how portable it needs to be, who will be running it, what your desired sound quality and durability is, and your budget, and i3 will make sure that you get a system that will last, big or small.

Praesidio Digital Paging  and Voice EVAC System – A fully digital public address, voice evacuation system that meets all the requirements placed by professional users. It brings highly innovative and advanced digital technology to the public address market.

Plena Public Address System – Versatility, reliability and ease of use: this is what Plena Public Address Easy Line is all about. The Plena products offer an ideal solution for small-to-midsized locations.

Source: Bosch Security Systems

Video courtesy of Bosch Security Systems and Solutions. All rights reserved.