Fire Detection & Alarm System

Fire Detection & Alarm System

Aside from Public Address Systems, i3 also partners with Bosch Security Systems for Fire Detection and Alarm.

By monitoring changes in the environment, fire detection and alarm systems detect the presence of fire wherever they are installed. These systems may be manually or automatically actuated, or they can also be both. Manually actuated devices include break glass stations, and manual fire alarm activation, which are situated near the exits where they can easily be located. Automatically actuated systems are designed to automatically notify occupants to proceed with evacuation procedures by initiating a loud warning sound. It also automatically sends signals to emergency services such as the police, fire department and emergency medical services that there is an ongoing emergency situation that they should respond to. Lastly, these systems also automatically prepare the premises to control the spread of fire and smoke.

Bosch offers a broad portfolio of products and systems for accurate, reliable fire detection and notification. Together with Bosch, i3′s solutions are efficient and reliable. Your business can be assured of protection, whether they are located in office buildings, warehouses, educations facilities, retail stores, and more. Especially in buildings where it’s impractical to effectively evacuate a large number of people without organized direction, audible textual appliances such as Emergency Voice Alarm Communications (EVAC) capabilities can be implemented. i3 offers a wide range of EVAC solutions for sites of all sizes, sure to safeguard life and property.

Fire panels – Analog, Addressable, or Conventional


One of Bosch’s fire panels is the FPA-1000-V2, a scalable solution for fire detection. Protect your building with a single system or connect multiple panels together as your needs grow. Networking capabilities support the monitoring of up to 2,000 addressable points in one system

Smoke Detectors – Analog, Addressable or Conventional


The Automatic Fire Detector 440 Series is an innovative addition to Bosch’s expanding fire systems portfolio. These advanced analog addressable detectors are a generation ahead of other devices – setting the standard for reliable fire detection and false alarm prevention.

Notification Appliances – Wheelock, Gentex, System Sensor


Bosch signaling appliances alert building occupants of a fire emergency and help to ensure safety and order. Bosch carries signaling appliances from all three major manufacturers: Gentex, System Sensor and Wheelock. These products have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with all Bosch fire alarm systems.

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