Building Management System

Building Management System

This system controls, monitors and optimizes the building’s mechanical and electrical systems including lighting, fire alarm, access control and security. Usually employed in large buildings and projects, Building Management System (BMS) controls the internal environment and¬†manages multiple networks, systems and control components.

If you would like better control over your building, employing i3 to install BMS on your building is something to look into. Together with Honeywell, i3 can customize a solution for you, making sure that your building is running safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

There are many benefits to the Building Management System to both the tenants and the building owners. For occupants, it equates to reliable control of internal comfort conditions including individual room control, effective monitoring of energy consumption, saving time and money allotted for maintenance, and even increased staff productivity. For building owners, implementing the BMS System raises the value of rent, increases level of comfort and time saved, and enables building use flexibility and central or remote monitoring of the building and its plants.¬†Maintenance companies also benefit from this system, because computerized maintenance scheduling enables easier detection of problems and effective use of maintenance staff. Because status information is also readily available, any problems that may arise may be resolved faster, and this brings about increased satisfaction in the building’s occupants.

i3′s design and integration engineers and project managers will work with you to find designs, specifications and installations that appeal to your versatility. You are guaranteed greater efficiency for your building, simpler operation and control, reduced energy costs, and increase in investment value.

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