Analog CCTV System


Popularly and widely used in most facilities that require monitoring, the CCTV system is now considered commonplace in most public places, especially those that deal with high volumes of people day in and day out. CCTV is no longer limited to banks and casinos, the way they used to be before. Today, its users range from big establishments such as airports and sea ports to smaller ones such as retail and convenience stores.

All over the world including in the Philippines, the commonality of CCTV is now being employed by law enforcers and news networks to catch those taped doing illegal activities. While the recordings help them identify suspects in private, making these recordings public has also become a standard, with the hope that these suspicious persons can be identified faster with the help of the greater public. There is no doubt that CCTV has made surveillance more efficient and beneficial even for the average Joe.

Although there is an undeniable shift from employing analog CCTV to Internet Protocol (IP) Surveillance, i3 is still pleased to provide analog CCTV to clients for whom it would be better or for those who would prefer it. Whether your end-goal is crime prevention, traffic monitoring or transport safety, i3 is more than happy to help you understand the technologies and what they offer. We can help you gauge for yourself what would work best for you given your unique circumstances. At the end of the day, we would like to provide you with what’s appropriate for you. No matter the solution, you are assured of efficiency, reliability, and low cost.