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i3TECH Solutions

i3 Solutions

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i3 Technologies Corporation is the leader in systems integration, pioneering IP surveillance in the Philippines.

It was established with an enterprise to provide quality systems integration from consultancy to post- implementation with only the best technologies in the market.

Currently, i3 is focusing on providing world class predictive security measures; always thinking ahead in keeping you and your assets safe and secure.

We hold fast to the integrity of long-term security, so we will provide you with a comprehensively researched, organised, and protected security system that we will manage from the beginning of the project and provide installation, technical, and training support beyond its installation.

We believe that security should not only protect and decrease loss, but also help your business succeed.

Gain insights from your customers and personalise the experience of your clients with smart technology, designed to provide meaning to data and convenience, ease-of-use, and faster operations for you.

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